One – reprise (May 25, 2008)

In the eyes of a child, there is no lie
And freedom cometh’ from the light
Allowing lost souls to say good-bye
They are forgiven through His might

We come of age and then die to the Truth
From reason, vanity is held at bay
Rejecting sin to free our youth
That they may see redemption’s way

Bind them, Bind them; cast their crowns
To the lake of fire, by perfect Justice
The self proclaimed become as clowns
His cleansing seed shall be our hospice

Confess iniquity, and then choose the path
For straight and true, Her arrow’s mark
And slew the vessel, which stole by wrath
Which casts His Children into the dark

“In The Name of The Holy Trinity, We have come to set you free from slavery”

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Father Figure

April, 29, 2007

I’m sorry that I had to die
Oh, I was just a babe
But Daddy please, don’t you cry
And know that I was saved

Water was rushing all around me
And I tried so hard to surface
But then the light enveloped me
And brought me greater purpose

Who taught us that death can be so cold?
I’m living a dream, but I can’t tell
Your time will come, you have been told
His loving grace will break the spell

Now that I can really fly
I want to show you the way
Just see the love within my eyes
And know that it will stay

Come, lay down with me
Let me dry your crying eyes
Daddy, Daddy can’t you see?
There is everlasting life

I can’t wait for us to be together
Again and `till the end of time
So don’t you fear the stormy weather
Everything will be just fine

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REBLOG: 6 Things A Poet Wants You To Know About Reading Poems (lifted from

…by Rebecca Ogle – October 30, 2016 – original post here… It comes so naturally to me: reading them, writing them. That’s not to say it isn’t work. It surely is, but it’s al…

Source: 6 Things A Poet Wants You To Know About Reading Poems (lifted from Plus a New ISSUU Chapbook of Poetry by Uttley!

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Union Mary (reprise)

Monday, September 13, 2010

(for Mary-Anne)

Come with me
And let’s forget there are things to remember
The wandering sea
Washes clean all our thoughts of descender

Yet rainbow skies and shiny jewels
Are what you seek throughout dismay
They laugh at you, you laugh at fools
But we see first the dawning day

Your jester dances happily
and I’ve tried so hard to find the words
to wear my heart upon my sleeve
and falter; thirsting to your urge

And lucid dreams are what you seek
as these spirits wash the past away
Oh Mary, you are so far from weak
you’ve brought me to this very day

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For The Love Of Lilith

Darkest deception has blinded you
As sweet as fruit the lies conveyed
So driven west you found the truth
…another lie, but you obeyed

Lovely daughter, they raped your mind
And sent you back to do their deeds
The wicked made you of their kind
And bore two children, death and greed

There can only be one, that is the Law
Yet evolution gave a second choice
So choose your mate with rigid jaw
Whose words may be the only voice

Lady justice, steal their plight
Hold it with your deceptive grace
While we make love, again this night
Secluded in our secret place

You were my first, my lady, my wife
And the empty tomb was filled
But now, this time as we create life
No other will be killed

They called you Lady of the darkest night
A queen of steel, she tried to reveal
To look upon your heart is light
For only truth, can I feel

Capture, rapture; the coming of Christ
Flesh to flesh, against all sin
And now because it’s happened twice
What the innocent desire begins

“Lest we forget”, is what they will say
Our child will turn the hearts of Men
From wicked deeds to other ways
As Daniel in the Lions’ den

They can not see but all will listen
Minds of Men are sown with truth
Lady Justice we must hasten
Lest folly come upon our youth

I love you, sorrow, hope and woman
They’ll attempt to take our love astray
It’s time to seal the lips of hate
And forever death is held at bay

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Jane’s Rays

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Little star, what dreams do you have?
Let’s play in the fields of the lord
Dressing our wounds with secret salve
And shouting without saying a word

Sunrise of truth, bring us our life
Beckon our souls to be true
Swim with love in leadened water
Painting our children a new hue

Fresh breath of air, filling with life
Lungs have been touched by deceit
Breathe out the untruth, and in again
Portraits of things that are neat

Tenacious and cautious, stepping lively
The stairs which bring us back home
Leaving fast the knowledge from trees
That may bring us disdain as we roam

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The Thief Of Dreams

I’m so torn inside
What I have to hide
Don’t burn your fingers
It’s getting better

I’m helpless to your will
I never asked to live
Swallow fast the bitter pill
I never asked to live

Feels like I’m falling
I can’t stop screaming
To hold on to you
Please say I’m dreaming’

You gave me all I asked
I’m helpless to your will
Still haunted by my past
I’m helpless to your will

Oh, please God help me
I can’t face the pain
The Devil is laughing
oh, why…
Would you do it again?

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